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This is the place where I will briefly talk about anythng film-related. It's just mere ramblings, insignificant and long-winded; nothing to worry about, just an object of curiosity. To make it easier, I've included the date for everything I say when I do say it:
January 2nd, 2004: - This is just a list of all the DVDs my family and I have received over the Christmas period. The vast majority of them are mine, but some of them we bought for my dad's birthday. In alphabetical order:
12 Angry Men
The 25th Hour
Buffalo '66
El Cartero (Y Pablo Neruda)
City Lights
Decalogue (1-5)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Extended Edition
The Magnificent Ambersons
A Man for all Seasons
Meet John  Doe
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
The Rocketeer
Shoot the Piano Player
Solaris (Tarkovsky's)
Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines
Touch of Evil
I now have lots of things to watch over the next weeks... Yay for me.
- This doesn't have much to do with film, but I'll just say that I started reading Tolstoy's War and Peace yesterday and, thus far, I love it (I'm on page 83 at the moment, by the by). It's longer than 1,300 pages, so it's going to take me really long to read it.
January 3rd, 2004: - I want to see The Passion of the Christ right now. Apart from The Return of the King, I think it is the film I have anticipated with the greatest expectations.
January 15th, 2004:
Movie Image
January 16th, 2004: - The teaser trailer for Shyamalan's The Village has hit the web. The film looks very good, obviously very Shyamalanesque, but bad early buzz and talk about the possible "twist ending" has been bothering me for a while. I'm looking forward to this film [a lot] but some people claim to already have unravelled the twist by merely watching the trailer and paying attention "closely". Ah, well. I just hope Shyamalan has something up his sleever and it all turns out to be erroneous -- otherwise the film may sink under its own weight. And I don't want it to.
January 17th, 2004: - Lost in Translation [which I just saw this morning for the first time] is my no. 2 film of the year. I still need to see a lot of films from this year, because here in the UK there are some that still have not been released.
January 24th, 2004: - Check this out: Harry Lime presents: Essential Films [My Favorite Films of All Time]    
January 29th, 2004: - I am very pleased with the Academy Award nominations. 11 for The Return of the King is rather great [despite the fact that Astin was not nominated -- oh well] and no Best Picture nod for Cold Mountain will make it even easier for it to win it. That said, I was surprised by Djmon Honsou's and Samantha Norton's nomination for the brilliant In America, and they surely deserve it. City of God was quite bewildering, too as was the snub of Scarlett Johansson. Maybe another time.


The Village

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