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I consider cinema to be not just a mere form of entertainment, but an art form. Cinema is a medium by which people can voice their own opinions, take us to places we've never been to before or make us contemplate the most extraordinary things we've ever seen. Of all the mediums, I believe cinema is the richest. In film, the combinations are often impossible to resist - there's the aural pleasure of music, the visual beauty of images and the wonder of acting. And, when all these factors get together and, besides, the film is very well made, what do you get? A work of art that can be as though-provoking as it can be amazing. As a result, you find yourself thinking over and over about the film you just watched. You're like, "That was fucking awesome!". And so then you watch more and more films, and suddenly you're immersed into an intricate world of many dimensions and layers, where the thrill is obtained because you seldom cease to see a major artist expressing himself. And do you remember that classic line from Singin' in the Rain? "When you've seen one, you've seen them all!" As true as though it may sound, it isn't.
The Third M?n

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